Are our Websites Custom or we use templates?

We do both. Almost all our websites are made using WordPress. WordPress makes the work faster and easier, doesn't matter whether we build your website from scratch or use a theme you like.

Are we going to hold you hostage forever?

Absolutely Not! We do recommend you to stick with the same company for development, hosting and maintenance. But you can choose to have a hosting and maintenance from someone else.

What will your website cost?

The cost will vary depending on the type and size of the website. The two parties can discuss in person to come up with suitable number. However, we have quoted NRs. 30,000 for a basic website on WordPress.

How much time it takes to complete a website?

This depends on the type and size of the website. The time limit is normally dictated by the client. Usually the delay is caused by the waiting for the contents from the clients and not the development itself.

Can we make a logo for you?

Yes. We do have graphic designers in our team. In case the client does not have one or wants a new one, we will be glad to build a logo for you website or even your business.

Can we help you with Online Marketing?

Yes, we do offer digital marketing as one of our services. It includes thing from managing your presence in social media to promoting you using ads on Google and Facebook.

What are our payment steps?

We require 30% deposit of the contract value at the time of starting the project; 30% at the halfway; and the remaining 40% at the end of the project.

Do we develop mobile app for both IOS and Android?

Yes, we build mobile applications for both IOS and Android platforms. We also make sure that the apps will be responsive when used in tablets and iPads.

Can we update the content after built?

This is possible. Whether it is an website or a mobile application, the contents can be updated. Nevertheless, this may be chargeable if the initial contract doesn't include this clause.

What do we do for event management?

For event management, we offer designing, printing and distributing pamphlets, brochures, cards, etc. We also do promotion in social media platforms as well as paid promotions on facebook and google ads.

Why should I consider hiring an IT Consultant?

A consultant in any field, can bring a specific set of expert experience and knowledge that are needed to complete a complex project. With an IT consultant, designing and planing the project take less time as the team depend to the consultant's experience instead of beating around the bushes as amateurs. This results in the completion of a project quickly and efficiently.

What are some common things an IT consultant can do?

A IT consultant brings technical skills such as: Define the scope of your project; Plan and manage the time schedule and resources; Analyze software, hardware and network requirements; Handle design, testing, installation and training processes